Who We Are

Morton Winsor is an custom application development company that specializes in creating custom business applications for small to medium sized enterprises. In a digital age, more and more business are using IT to improve their processes. Having software that is designed to streamline your business processes will save you time and therefore money.

Why You Need Us

Businesses often use ‘off the rack’ software, which is costly and either doesn’t fully meet the requirements or provides too many additional unwanted features.  As software developers, we are able to tailor the open source software to suit your needs, or even use our skills in custom application development just for you.

What is Open Source Software?

Open Source software is software with a special license that means it can be used by anyone, without purchase. So instead of paying for software and a software developer to install and setup, you just pay a fixed rate for your software developer. And because we know your business is unique to you, we’ll customize your software before we install it so it completely fits your needs.

Custom Application Development

We are using our experience in custom application development to create a range of applications for different business sectors. To keep up to date with the developments register your interest.

Share our passion for Open Source Software and the latest software trends.